Asax Game

Games have the value of changing lives and growing up, not just leisure.


Asax Game is a team that has enthusiasm for games and has transformed from players to developers. Because the game brings many precious memories that are unforgettable and accompanied by growth. For us, games shouldn't be just commercial products, but also close friends who have grown up with us since childhood.

A good game can even change a person’s personality and preferences. Just because we know the importance of games, we uphold the spirit of starting from the essence.

Whether it is designing original games, experienced games that like being immersed in a novel, or party games that are based on human interaction, we all want to convey the concept of "Games have the value of changing lives and growing up, not just leisure."


Undertake customized interactive game design for various purpose types, including theme interactive games, corporate image promotion, policy promotion, game design outsourcing, etc.

Use the Unity engine to construct a complete, authentic, interactive, and visually-like virtual exhibition hall at the level of designing an immersive game.