Virtual exhibition


Our team is very good at constructing accurate, complete and good-quality virtual spaces, which are used in practical applications for commercial purposes, and have received excellent reviews from customers.

Constructing a complete and authentic virtual exhibition space is the biggest difference between us and other exhibition vendors.

Using the Unity engine to build interactivity and visual texture is all the same as designing immersive games for virtual exhibitions, and elements of interaction with users can be added to the space. For example, interesting mini games, interesting interactions of space objects. Let the exhibition space not only be a web-like information disclosure, but also become a representative virtual interactive field for customers, and become a virtual storefront with a masterful image and establishment.

It's not a problem if we want to expand the virtual exhibition space we have made to enter space through VR glasses. Because what we are constructing is a "real 3D virtual space". It is flexible for overall future scalability.

Works Collection

English listening equipment 3D virtual object design display by the College Entrance Examination Center

Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) CES online virtual exhibition

Virtual exhibition building