Video of Alice in Clock House play

【Recent updates】

During the development period, there have been many twists and turns, discussions and adjustments, and many changes have been made. Because of our pursuit of the best, we hope that Alice in Clock House can perform better. As a result, the plan that was originally expected to be launched in the summer of 2021 was also delayed. I want to say sorry to everyone here😓.

We have been continuously making and adjusting the game. Although some voices are not optimistic, we still insist on working hard. I hope to make a themed mobile game that combines party fun, development of fun, and field competition. And this is the goal we have been striving for.

Next, we will announce the game content and theme cooperation information one after another. It is expected to be exhibited at the Taipei Game Show on January 2022. Let Alice in Clock House be the happiest stall at the Taipei Game Show!

Video of Alice in Clock House play: