Alice in Clock House(Under development)

Name:Alice in Clock House

Planned release time: 2022 first Quarter

Planned languages: Traditional Chinese、 Simplified Chinese、 English、 Japanese、Korean

Planned charge: Online mallMonthly fee


Alice in Clock House is an interactive game that narrows the distance between people in front of you. Combining the advantages of table games and mobile games, and emphasizing "interacting with others" games!

Up to four people can play on the same machine. The simple and easy-to-use operation mode allows multiple people to quickly get started and put into the game. Each game does not exceed 90 seconds, and enters the leisure time with only 2 minutes of sewing. For players who don't have enough time to set up board games and want direct interaction between friends and family, they can interact quickly and with high tension!

Game style

Take the scenery of French villages and towns as a reference. Emphasis on warm, comfortable and textured style, with exotic theme songs to create an overall image.

Game roles


Marc Hare

Queena Hare

Duke(Black cat)