Online virtual exhibition

Virtual display platform system

Project name: Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) CES online virtual exhibition (completed)


Use Unity engine to develop. Emphasize non-fixed lens, focus on immersive experience and strong interaction, and design at the level of first-person game design. Improve overall visibility, image and expand the scope of application in the future.

Feature of Product

Exquisite design of VR game level

Unlike the same type of virtual exhibition, the scene is constructed in a fake 3D way, and the design cannot be explored arbitrarily with a fixed perspective. Our products are built in true full 3D, and the exquisiteness still maintains high-quality presentations when supporting VR exploration.

Explore freely, without restrictions

The truly immersive design allows users to explore and view the scene at will. Let exploration not only show merchandise, but also an important performance to interact with users and deepen the brand image.

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